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Qt and C++ Builder both can develop cross-platform mobile apps, but Qt has few document about mobile app development,So I choice C++ builder.
The latest Edition of C++ Builder is XE8, you can download it from the official website, though it is a little expensive, it worth for you and your team.

Now let’s begin a simple demo for it, use c++ builder to develop an android app.
Open XE8 and new a Multi-Device Application, then you put three controls:

	TEdit *my_edit;
	TLabel *my_label;
	TButton *my_button;

the form now is shown as picture below:

the app workflow is very simple, type something in the edit box, and click the button, the app will show hello message on the label.

void __fastcall Tmy_form::my_buttonClick(TObject *Sender)
    if(my_edit->Text!="") {
       my_label->Text="Hello "+ my_edit->Text+" !";
    } else {
       my_label->Text="Please input something in the text edit!";

before you build it, choose the target platform, I active the Android as my first platform, the app runs as below:


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