pppoe client for mac osx(Objective-c)

url: https://github.com/cppfun/mac-pppoe

desc: pppoe client for mac osx, both for Ethernet and IEEE80211(airport)

doc: https://github.com/cppfun/mac-pppoe/blob/master/README.md


url: https://github.com/cppfun/approval_list

desc: Grab the html webpage data use WebGrab, tidy(c++ libtidy) and html parser in c++

doc: http://www.cppfun.com/html-parser-in-cpp.htm

Generate Video and Docs html page(VC++)

url: video and docs tool

desc: light tool for gov

doc: it’s easy, so I skip it(note: Template.html is for doctool)

Steel calculator

url: Tieren steel calculator

desc: calculator for steel, I wrote it in the year 2010, it use three main components. muParser, BasicExcel and  SkinMagic

doc: muParser, BasicExcel, SkinMagic

muParser is an extensible high performance math expression parser library written in C++;

BasicExcel is A Class to Read and Write to Microsoft Excel;

SkinMagic : app ui skin

Company Information Search Engine

url: cise(here just client)

desc: C/S model, use mysql, thread, xml and socket(No json data format in the year 2010)





most of them are in Chinese Edition, I need reorganize them and put them here.