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Several days ago, I introduced about the std::thread in C++,when I want to

introduce more about it, I just find there are many resources about it with

Google search!

So what we need to do is learning from the following resources:

N1682, A Multi-threading Library for Standard C++, Pete Becker.
N1815, ISO C++ Strategic Plan for Multithreading, Lawrence Crowl.
N1883, Preliminary Threading Library Proposal for TR2, Kevlin Henney.
N1907, A Multi-threading Library for Standard C++, Revision 1 Pete Becker
N2043, Simplifying And Extending Mutex and Scoped Lock Types For C++ Multi-Threading Library, Ion Gaztañaga
N2090, A Threading API for C++, Peter Dimov
N2094, Multithreading API for C++0X – A Layered Approach, Howard Hinnant
N2139, Thoughts on a Thread Library for C++, Anthony Williams
N2178, Proposed Text for Chapter 30, Thread Support Library, Peter Dimov
N2184, Thread Launching for C++0X, Howard Hinnant
N2285, A Multi-threading Library for Standard C++, Revision 2, Pete Becker

In fact, I really do not like introduce a standard technology, because the document about

it has have many examples and demos, we need to do is to read or find something you will

use in your code.

But one you must know is the C++ thread is really coming~


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